Aptitude instead of Apt

Aaron Toponce has written a nice post called Aptitude vs Apt-Get, in which he compares the features of the tools aptitude and apt-get available on Debian-based Linux-distributions.

Aaron says, that, while Apt and Aptitude basically share the same features, Aptitude better solves orphaned dependencies. Also it has a cool curses (i.e. text-based) user interface and is better integrated than Apt (e.g. you have one tool instead of 16 different tools). Therefore, he concludes that Aptitude is the superior way to manage your packages and everyone should use Aptitude in the future.

I knew of these differences for a long time, but have not made the switch so far. Package management is such a fundamental concept, it’s really hard to switch tools. I think this is somehow like switching from Windows to Linux. It takes some time, until you finally feel comfortable with the new system. However, after reading Aaron’s post, I think I should try a bit harder. Let’s see, if I manage to finally use Aptitude exclusively.

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